the Naughty Cat
The Basic Info
Name Linhoen
Gender Male
Age Indeterminable
Pokémon Liepard
Job Master of the Underground
Move Set
Move 1 Shadow Ball
Move 2 Slash
Move 3 Aerial Ace
Move 4 Sucker Punch


Often snarky and rude in such a subtle way that it's undetectable, this Linhoen cares very little outside of his (admittedly small) circle of friends. 

Show Me Ya MovesEdit

Shadow Ball,

Linhoen gathers the darkness around him to create a ball of energy. Though what he does with it is up to what he feels at the time.


Linhoen's nails lengthen to become claws, which he then swipes at his opponent in close combat.

Sucker Punch,

Linhoen appears for all the world like he's doing nothing wrong... and then coats his fist in dark energy to punch his opponent the moment he's close enough!

Aerial Ace,

Linhoen jumps high into the air, almost like he's going to fly, and then comes down claws blazing towards his opponent.